Indoor Archery

NBS Gym is glad to offer indoor archery at our training facility. Our program is geared for Recreational archers and those looking to compete. Our current minimum age for archery is 10 years old. We will be offering a younger age class in the near future, until then, Private lessons are available. Space is limited, so contact us to reserve your spot!

The first class must be one of the Intro Classes on Sunday at 2pm or Tuesday at 6pm. There is a $10 fee for the Archery Intro class. The Intro Classes are heavy on technique and safety. Very little shooting. Archers will start shooting 5 yards from the target and score points. As point goals are met and safety is observed, they will move farther from the target.

After the Intro Class, an archer can attend any of the range appropriate classes on the schedule. Shooting more than once a week is encouraged.

We will soon be offering Beginner Archery equipment!

Class = 1 hour 15 min = 30 min warm up, conditioning (mandatory), and stretching (everyone always), 45 min range time.

Beginner = 10yds or less | Intermediate = 12.5 yds or more


6:00- 7:15 (Intro students and 10 yards or less)


6:00- 7:15 (10 yards or less)
7:00- 8:15 (12.5 yards or more)


6:00- 7:15 (10 yards or less)
7:00- 8:15 (12.5 yards or more)


2:00- 3:15 (Intro student and 12.5 or more)
3:00- 4:15 (10 yards or less)
Contact us to register... Contact us to register...